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Space Coders


An innovative tool for teaching coding and computational thinking skills for young learners 3- 8 years old.
Full curriculum with 8 hours of PD training for teachers

Galaxy Portal


Help your child to learn and speak English while they’re young!  Galaxy Portal is a fully developed educational portal with more than 1000 fun and engaging activities including games, videos, and interactive story books.  Based on international Kindergarten standards, your child will study science, math and computational thinking through English.


Educational Philosophy


Galaxy Portal is a STEAM based Educational Platform that utilizes the latest technology and incorporates both digital and “real life” tools for teachers, parents, and students. Following Common Core Standards in Science, Math, and Next Generation Standards in Computer Science/Computational Thinking for Kindergarten and First Grade, as well as teaching foundational English language skills, the Galaxy Portal helps today’s students become tomorrow’s innovators.