The Space Coders Creator Studio enables customizable content with the use of a Map Editor, so that new maps can be created and skills-learning can be personalized to suit individual classes and students as well as being fully integrated into a school’s curriculum.


In the Creator studio, teachers:

  • Create 3D Game maps to further explore and develop key coding skills

  • Customize questions to complement the curriculum

  • Layout a computational thinking road map for students.


Students can create and publish their own maps


Creating is the highest level of learning and by allowing your students to create their own map, this process can greatly enhance their understanding of coding concepts.



Be part of the Next Generation Coding Community

Space Coders teachers can become part of a community of teachers from around the world, creating and sharing their own maps with each other. This unlocks personalized coding practice for your students through a dedicated Creator Studio feature, enabling maps to be tailored towards individual learning and used by the Space Coders community so that users can tackle problem areas, create coding courses and reinforce learning.

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