Educational Philosophy

Galaxy Academy

“Helping today’s children to become tomorrow’s innovators & leaders.”


Galaxy Academy is a STEAM based Educational Platform that utilizes the latest technology and incorporates both digital and “unplugged” tools for teachers, parents, and students. Following Common Core Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade, Galaxy Academy helps today’s students become tomorrow’s innovators.

We understand that "creating" is the highest order of learning.  That's why we've created a platform so that students are not merely passively learners, but actively practice new skills for maximum success in learning.

Our Approach to English Language Learning (ELL)

At Galaxy Academy, we realize that one of the greatest difficulties for many English Language Learners is having a “safe” environment in which to practice their new skills.  With that in mind, we have incorporated the latest technology in creating innovative software that allows students to practice their English speaking with an interactive digital “English Buddy” that actually corrects their speaking in real time.  Based on our set of engaging and entertaining characters, our software includes interactive digital flashcards, games, and even our proprietary Galaxy Chat, that allows your child to practice their English in a safe and fun environment.

What Children Will Learn

Galaxy Academy provides a complete curriculum that can be used as a core program or a rich supplemental resource. In Galaxy Phonics students will learn to understand, speak, read, and write more than 1,000 English words and phrases with excellent pronunciation.  In Galaxy English, students learn more than 1,000 additional English words and phrases. They will also develop independent learning skills and gain confidence in their own ability to understand and speak functional English.  Additionally, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Playground, and Galaxy Coding teach students skills in logic, critical thinking, and computational thinking to build a foundation that will help students to be successful throughout their education. 

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