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Galaxy Classroom

Short, entertaining videos by native English-speaking teachers model proper pronunciation for young students.

Galaxy Book Reader

The Galaxy Book Reader is the next generation in

e-books for young learners, with three different modes.

1)  In the traditional reading format, students read the 

     book themselves.
2)  In the reading plus audio format, students can read along as             the book reader reads the book aloud.
3)  In the interactive format,  students are able to practice                       reading books aloud and the book reader automatically

     corrects any mistakes the student may make.

With more than 150 original stories, the Galaxy Book Reader both entertains and educates young learners.

Galaxy Music

Galaxy Music combines classic children’s songs with original content to provide a fun (and educational) collection of music videos designed for young learners.  Your child will love singing along with their favorite Galaxy Heroes… and learn English as they do.

Galaxy Spelling

With Galaxy Spelling, students practice their spelling skills by feeding Blorba the Bubble Monster.  

He’s really hungry! Can you feed him in time?

Galaxy Mix and Match

Students practice recognizing and spelling simple words by selecting the correct letter to complete the word.

Galaxy Flashcards

Students practice spoken phonics with digital flash cards model that model the sounds of individual phonemes as well as simple words for students to repeat.  Using innovative speech recognition software, Galaxy Flashcards is able to correct student’s mistake and help them improve their English pronunciation.

Galaxy Swipe

What is that Nana sees?  Can you help her know if she is thinking of the right word?
Students match images with the spoken words, practicing their listening and vocabulary skills.

Galaxy Phonics Printables

Printable worksheets for offline practice.  Young learners practice writing their letters and spelling, as well as beginning to identify and read simple words.

Galaxy Walk About

Galaxy Walk About is an entertaining quiz game in which students practice the skills they are learning.  As the students’ characters encounter different monsters in the game, they must answer questions correctly in order to pass.  Designed so that both the questions and answers may be in either written, image, or spoken format, Walk-About stimulates not just knowledge, but also actively encourages young learners to verbally practice new words and phrases.

Galaxy Chat

 Galaxy Chat is an interactive world in which students learn and practice functional, spoken conversational English.  Building on vocabulary learned in other parts of the Galaxy English curriculum, students now learn sentence frames to use their growing knowledge in real conversations with the Robot Galaxy Kids heroes.  By incorporating innovative new technologies, Galaxy Chat builds a child’s spoken English by providing a fun environment to practice their English speaking skills every day.

Space Coders

Space Coders is an engaging and educational learn-to-code platform designed especially to inspire children ages 3-8 years old.  Fun and interactive game play builds skills in coding and computational thinking as you help our Galaxy Heroes in their quest to rescue Dr. Moma.

In addition to the Space Coders app, there is a Creator Studio to design your own custom maps and levels and 8 hours of professional development training for teachers.

Color Galaxy

Bring your drawings to life!

Experience the next generation of coloring with Color Galaxy, the 4D Augmented Reality coloring book! Join Nana, Captain Cody, Big Blue, Noodle Monster and Maxi on an exciting coloring adventure packed with activities and surprises.


Color, scan, and watch as your colorings magically leap off the page and come to life!

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