The Space Coders Story

The Goids have taken Dr. Moma prisoner, and the only way to save him is to call on the Space-Coders. Together, they will take on the destructive Goids to save their favorite teacher, Dr. Moma.

The Space-Coders, Nana, Maxi, Noodle Monster, and a Big Blue will work together to get Dr. Moma away from the Goids before they can use him to make evil machines for their leader, the evil RA.

Our fun and colorful animated characters take young learners on a learning adventure as our heroes help to rescue Dr. Moma from the evil Riu and his helpers, the Goids 


Nana is fun, sociable and adventurous and whilst she loves nothing more than making new friends and exploring the Robot Galaxy Kids Portal and beyond in her customized spaceship, she sometimes needs a little help with directions!


Thankfully,she has lots of friends to help her find her way.

The Explorer


The Creator

Maxi is an incredibly proud, purple and smart little fellow who loves math  puzzles and investigating what is happening in the world around him.

He like nothing better than interviewing people  and solving math equtation, some time he can be  a little  rude!

Big Blue

The Builder

Big Blue is friendly, kind and gentle-natured with a heart as big as his big blue ears which he likes to flap along with his arms to make himself fly.


He may be a softie, but he is also strong when it comes to building and he creates some pretty useful and amazing things, with a little help from his friends of course!

Noodle Monster

The Artist

Noodle Monster is fast, funny and full of energy.  When he isn't dreaming of ,or eating noodles, he's drawing and create his next master piece. His dream is to showcase his painting in the Museum of the Galaxy one day! 

Dr. Moma

The Scientist

Dr Moma is the favorite teacher of the hero SpaceCoders…ever!


Unfortunately, he has also been kidnapped by the destructive Goids. Who can help the SpaceCoders heroes save the Dr Moma ?

The Goids

The Destroyer

The Goids are the evil Riu’s helpers. While they’re not the smartest, they can certainly cause trouble if they catch you.


Watch out because you never know where one might turn up!

Fiul Rau

The Invader

Fiul Rau is the son of The Scientist.

His father accidentally sent him to the other side of the universe and he had to find his way back. 


On the journey back he became very angry and amassed great power.

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