SpaceCoders was developed by educators for educators, to be curriculum-compatible and to offer valuable Coding Tools & Traing  for Teachers,  practical step-by-step support, and 8 hours of professional development training, reflecting modern-day curricula on how to teach coding and computational thinking in the classroom.


These FREE resources include:

•    Video tutorial presentations in English & Thai languages.
•    Online and unplugged activities designed to supplement each Space Coders level.
•    Lesson plans & worksheets.
•    Go-to library of information


​We’re currently offering two free courses:



Beginner Course :  

for teachers without any experience in coding


If you’re new to teaching coding to kids, this is a perfect course for you. Designed for teachers who have no background in coding, this course will take your through all the basic concepts in teaching coding and computational thinking. You will have access to all the unplugged activities and course outline so you can start teaching coding in no time.


You’ll learn all the basic concepts in coding including:


  • Composing & Decomposing Instructions

  • Counting & Number Sense

  • Directions

  • Sequences

  • Looping

  • Conditionals

  • Events & Actions in Coding

  • Debugging


If not a computer teacher,  want to incorporate coding in your class to create a interdisciplinary learning experience, we would suggest you to take the “Creator Studio” course after you finish this one so you will be able to customize Space Coders for your classroom.

Advanced Course :

Creator Studio


If you already are teaching coding but would like to:


  1. Create your own map games

  2. Create interdisciplinary learning by inserting review questions in the map game

  3. Letting your students create their own map games


Creator Studio is for you! Sign up for the course and learn all the ins & outs and start creating!

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