How to Play

Step 1: Opening the App

When you first sign into the Space Coders app, you will see a short video trailer showing the story for Space Coders.

If you wish to skip this video, you can do so by tapping on it.

Step 2: Register/Log In

You will see a pop-up box to log in.  If you have not already done so, you will need to register.

Step 3: Choose What You Would Like to do

By swiping left/right you can access 3 different choices:

1) Hero Quest: 60 levels of guided play to teach computational thinking skills

2) Class Quest: Custom maps built by teachers and students

3) Choose Your Hero: You can choose your avatar for game play


Step 4: Choose which level/map you want to play

Hero Quest

Class Quests

60 levels of increasingly difficult game play.

To play, click on one of the levels.

Custom maps created by teachers and students.

To play, click on the arrow beside the map you want.

Step 5: Play-Building an Algorithm

Build an algorithm by dragging and dropping commands here that will move your hero from the starting point to the Finish Flag.

Command Bar

  • Directions

  • Numbers

  • Commands

  • Conditions

Depending on map​

You can toggle between which commands you need to access

Requirements that must be met in the level you are playing

Finish Flag

Once you have build your algorithm, press the green arrow to run your program/solve the map.

Step 6: Play- Run Your Program

When your algorithm is complete here, press the green "go" button to run your program.

As you build your algorithm,  round "indicators" appear on blocks to show your hero's path on the map.

As your hero moves on the map, each portion of the algorithm will be highlighted in green as it is running.

Debugging/Correcting Mistakes

If you make a mistake in your algorithm, simply drag the part that is wrong to the right side of the screen.  A trash bin will appear.  You can delete the mistake by putting it in the trash bin.

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