An innovative new way to teach coding and computational thinking skills to young learners.

Game Play

Space Coders is an engaging and educational learn-to-code platform for schools designed especially for kids aged 3-8 years old to inspire computational thinking that is FREE-to-download with teacher support. Fun, interactive and narrative-driven Game Play builds skills across 60 levels in 6 modules with Teacher Resources including a Video Tuition Professional Development Course, plus Unplugged Activities and a Creator Studio for teachers to create customized and free-to-share game content.

Professional Development

Space Coders was developed by educators for educators, to be curriculum-compatible and to offer valuable Professional Development Training and Tools for Teachers; including 8 hours of professional development training in Next Generation Standards on how to teach coding and computational thinking in the classroom.

Creator Studio

The Creator’s Studio enables customizable content with the use of a Map Editor, so that tasks can be created and skills-learning can be personalized to suit individual classes and students, as well as being fully integrated into a school’s curriculum.

Augmented Reality Mode

Space Coders’ takes game play to an entirely new level of fun, as students are able to see their games in 3D augmented reality mode. To play in AR Mode, you will need to download  and print out the free AR marker.

With a beta-launch in November 2018, Space Coders is creating a local, regional and global community of like-minded teachers and schools; those who value experiential learning and Space Coders is FREE to Use for Schools Launched in Southeast Asia NOW..with global roll-out in 2019 Space Coders is the first app to be released within the Robot Galaxy Kids Portal with a beta-launch to schools in Southeast Asia in November 2018. An education platform, the Robot Galaxy Kids Portal focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) and language learning for kids ages 3-8.

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